Special Sessions for Moms

Our teenagers are coming of age in an increasingly harmful, hyper-sexual culture.

At Restoring Hearts, we are burdened by the impact our intensely sexualized popular culture is having on teens and pre-teens. Today’s youth face a dating culture impacted by “sexting” and sexual peer pressure, conflicting value messages and a digital age of unprecedented exposure to online pornography. A brief look at recent statistics can be very disheartening:


In response to this new cultural paradigm, Restoring Hearts 2017 is pleased to offer two brand new breakout sessions specifically created for moms who are concerned about how to best “quiet the noise” and raise their sons and daughters with a foundation of the utmost integrity.




Presented by Anna and John Fort, Pure Community

Healthy relationships are rarely modeled in our children’s hyper-sexual, social-media dominated world. Whether or not a family has been impacted by sexual brokenness, moms are facing unprecedented realities of a popular culture saturated in teenage sexting and sexual peer pressure.  In this brand new breakout session, Pure Community’s Anna and John Fort will share cleansing conversations we can all have with our pre-teens and teens to help them develop healthy intimacy and a whole perspective of their sexuality, creating a groundwork for healthy relationships during their teen years and beyond. This presentation will be an excerpt from Parenting for Purity in the 21st Century, a new curriculum from Pure Community, developed in partnership with Focus on the Family and Covenant Eyes.



Presented by Eric Gomez, MS, LMFT, MHP

Children have never been as susceptible to the lure and dangers of pornography as they are today, and they are being exposed to it at surprisingly young ages. This is a significant cause for concern for many parents who have every desire to protect their children from pornography, and yet remain unsure as to how to begin that process. This important workshop will help moms learn the following:

  • How to remain calm and overcome fears related to talking to our children about a subject like pornography.
  • How to be proactive in developing healthy, safe and open conversation with their children about the harmful effects of pornography and healthy sexuality as a whole.
  • How to arm ourselves with knowledge related to the neurobiological, addictive and social effects of pornography.
  • How moms can support each other in the important endeavor to protect their children from porn in a culture that normalizes sexual exploitation.