Twelve Steps as a Way of Life

Twelve Steps as a Way of Life

Betrayal, trauma, infidelity…these are all very real things we have faced but how does a person even begin to get out of the pit of darkness? How do I move beyond the pain and stop being the victim?  How do I take control of my life?

AA and AL-ANON’s 12 Steps began in 1934 and have been adapted to fit many other addictions and conditions over the past 80+ years. Sexual addiction is no exception.

The Steps are not just for the addict.  Whether you are still in your marriage working with your spouse in recovery, or whether you are facing life on your own, the 12 steps are a design for living that give us tools for dealing with any relationship or situation. Join me as I share my experience, strength, and hope of journeying through the 12 steps.

This session will be presented by Partners in Process Mentor Dwyla. 

Dwyla comes to us from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. She is a Registered Nurse and has worked in various community settings for 20 years. She and her husband will be celebrating their 19th wedding anniversary this June. They have no children and have been involved in recovery for the past 5 years.  God placed it on Dwyla’s heart to begin a Partners in Process group in 2014.  She is the founding leader/facilitator of the group in Calgary and loves to share her experience, strength, and hope with women as they journey on their own path to healing and wholeness.