The Prayer of Relinquishment: Letting Go, Giving Up Control, Taking Your Hands Off

The Prayer of Relinquishment: Letting Go, Giving Up Control, Taking Your Hands Off

Would you like to practice trusting God in a specific situation in your life? Would you like to surrender or relinquish someone or a situation to God? Is there someone or something of which you need to let go and stop trying to control?

Join Rosalind Renshaw for this unique and special experiential session and find release and relief from people and situations that are actually controlling you as you are trying to control them.

The Prayer of Relinquishment

I facilitate the Prayer of Relinquishment, led by the Holy Spirit, with many of the people I pray with. We go through a visualization exercise of handing off someone or something to Jesus. I have used this prayer with many people in many situations, who need to let go of people or things, or guilt, resentment, unforgiveness etc.

It is simple, but very difficult for the person and powerful to lead someone in this prayer. They need to be willing to be willing to ask God to help them give up control in whatever area they are struggling with.

Invite the person to sit comfortably, to close their eyes and visualize Jesus. (If the person has difficulty “seeing” Jesus, tell them not to worry, but to think of him standing a little way off from them). Then ask them to see themselves standing next to the person, or holding them, as with a sick child, and walking over together to Jesus. Introduce the person, if they don’t know Jesus; of course Jesus already knows the person. Then “hand off” the person to Jesus and invite them to watch as if they’re watching a movie. (many people can do this vividly). Prompt them by asking “how is Jesus responding to _______?” They describe the interaction between the two.  Then ask them to watch Jesus and _______ walk together over a small hill out of sight. Then ask the person praying to turn and walk away back into their own life. Remind them that they are not abandoning their loved one (or it might be their enemy they want to relinquish) they are acting out letting go of control of them and the situation, and handing it over to Jesus.

Ask them how they feel about doing this exercise. They may feel relieved, unburdened, peaceful, but also sad. Close in prayer asking God’s help to continue to trust God with this person and situation, and not keep grabbing it back and worrying about it.

I invite them to repeat this visualization exercise every morning (and evening) as needed.