Words of Gratitude for Restoring Hearts:

“As I looked across the room filled with beautiful women of all ages, it helped me to realize that there were many that could relate to the pain I had suffered because of sexual betrayal. We were there to find healing and wholeness, and this was a new beginning with Christ as our guide.”

“Amazing day, amazing women, finally a sense of hope that I will no longer have to suffer alone in silence. Knowing that there are other women out there who know my pain gives me strength to walk this “unchosen” journey with them and has given me a sense of belonging to something greater.” Heather,  Arizona

“Restoring Hearts did just that for me! This conference restored in me the strength to keep moving forward and how to understand my own feelings. I was able to learn what I can do for myself during this recovery process and what not to do as well. I feel that I am stronger because I attended Restoring Hearts! I will absolutely come again!” Patti, Edmonds

“Going to the conference I was scared and uncertain if I wanted to go. After seeing so many other women going through the same process I realized we need more groups like this to help us navigate our future. I thought I would be all alone, sadly, I am not alone. Satan has a big team surrounding us and it I time as Christians we take back our rights of our wedding vows. I want all marriages to win this war against marriages. We deserve to have loving faithful marriages. Thank you for leading us through hope and healing.” Terri, Mill Creek

“This conference was like calamine lotion for my heart.”

“The conference was used in my life to see truth more clearly about my own worth and next steps in my marriage. Thank you for helping Christian woman stand on biblical truth that is lacking heavily in our churches today on the topic of sexuality and sexual sin.”

“This is my third year attending and I’ve found the variety of break-outs and indepth information invaluable as I’ve learned to get my footing after discovering my husband’s betrayal. The speakers are compassionate professionals with well-grounded facts, coupled with spirit-lifting worship and fellowship which helps me find peace and connectedness. There are so many great sessions, it’s always hard to pick – which keeps me coming back for more. Thank you, Prodigals!”

“I came away from the conference not only encouraged and supported but with a sense of how to move forward. That’s what I needed.”

“Although it is heartbreaking to know of the pain that is represented by the women who are attending this conference with me, it is also incredibly healing to be surrounded by other women who are fighting to survive and to heal from the effects of sexual addiction.”

“It was an amazing conference. The resources and the breakout sessions were very helpful. It was also very beneficial to get together with other women, make new friends and to support each other at this difficult stage of our life.”

“This conference is a critical resource and service in the Puget Sound. I have been three years in a row now and I am impressed by and grateful for the continually new information, insights and hope I receive at this conference. I am three years into my journey, and the value of this conference is still phenomenal.”

“This is an amazing workshop and I am so grateful for it. I got a lot of amazing insights today and God shone some memory “aha” moments on my guilt and shame that released me from it.”

“Wonderful conference! I was impressed with the great speakers! Thank you for a GREAT and HEALING day! I go home equipped and encouraged as ever!”


“Thank you for releasing me from shame.”


“I have been searching for a place of support, healing and understanding from a biblical perspective for 30 years. God blessed me by this day of refreshment to my soul with answers to so many questions as I begin this healing journey. By the way, I traveled from Maine and had to take time off of a very demanding work schedule. I am walking away with a new found hope and confidence that God is in control. He truly is greater and has a plan. Jeremiah 29:11. This conference was a divine appointment for me!”


“This conference is so prayerfully done, so helpful and healing – like a drink of fresh, cool water.”


“I came to learn about how to help other women in these situations, but found healing for myself expectantly!”


“This conference gave me hope to complete my healing.”


Thanks for the thoughtful and safe environment for this topic.”