About Prodigals International

Restoring Hearts Women’s Conference is a ministry of Prodigals International. Since its inception in 2000, Prodigals has been on the forefront of Christ-centered, 12-step counseling and support for countless men across the US and Canada seeking freedom from the bonds of sexual addiction, leading them to healing, restoration and sexual wholeness.

The unique key to the success of Prodigals Homecoming support groups is building leaders and the training and empowerment of LEADER-MENTORS. Equipped MENTORS, who have successfully completed the recovery journey, reach out and support men just beginning their recovery. This intense one-on-one interaction creates the personal connection and accountability needed for long-term restoration and healing.

Partners in Process, the Prodigals program for the spouses of sex addicts, provides a unique 12-Step recovery process that supports women in their own healing from the affect of their husband’s sexual addiction. Partners in Process parallels the Homecoming program and its support groups provide a practical place for renewal, empathy, and encouragement.  Restoring Hearts Women’s Conference is an outgrowth of the Partners in Process program which seeks to reach out to women across the Pacific Northwest, inviting them to a day of transformational connection, support and encouragement for their healing and renewal journey.

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