About Restoring Hearts

13RHwebgraphicDealing with a spouse’s struggle with sexual integrity, or another person they are in a close relationship with, is one of the most challenging experiences a woman will face. Quite often, women feel they are alone in their journey and that everyone, including God, has abandoned them.

Prodigals International is pleased to offer this unique one-day conference for women who are facing the startling discovery of their husband’s sexual unfaithfulness – from pornography use to extramarital affairs – as well as for women who have been dealing with this issue long-term. Sometimes it is not the one they are married to, but a person they are in a relationship with (fiancée, son or father). Restoring Hearts provides a safe place where women can connect with other women who understand the challenges they face. In addition to an inspiring keynote message by an expert in the field of sex and relationships, multiple breakout sessions led by Christian ministry leaders and Christian therapists will provide information, tools, resources, and an important message of hope for women in all stages of the healing journey.  Come together with women traveling on similar journeys who understand your pain!

Our 2017 Conference is Saturday, April 29th, 9am-4:30pm at
Westminster Chapel in Bellevue, Washington.

We are excited to welcome our 2017 Keynote Speaker

Shelley Martinkus
Founder, Redemptive Living for Women

Shelley’s Morning Keynote:
Recognizing The Negative Beliefs We Create from the Pain of Betrayal”

After sharing her personal journey of betrayal and redemption, Shelley will share about an important part of her recovery – recognizing how the wounds of both childhood and betrayal developed into negative beliefs that altered the way she saw the world.  It’s these negative beliefs, so deeply rooted, that caused a big problem in Shelley’s life – insecurity.  No better way to fight insecurity than to go directly to the source and expose the lies.  Women will walk away with a plan to expose their negative beliefs they may have been carrying around for years.

Shelley’s Afternoon Keynote:
“Sledge Hammer: Destroying the Negative Beliefs and Replacing Them with Empowerment

In our afternoon closing session, Shelley will share a couple of tools she has used to work through the negative beliefs and the process of replacing them with empowering beliefs.  Shelley will also talk about why it’s so important for us as women to embrace our worthiness (the opposite of insecurity). Shelley will provide time for Q and A at the close of this session.