2017 Testimonials

Our conference offers hope, healing and a safe community for women impacted by sexual betrayal. Here’s what a few of our 2017 conference attendees had to say:

This was what I have needed for a long time. It was such an encouraging experience to be surrounded with so many strong, albeit wounded women. We all had the chance to nurture one another and share the pain and struggles. There were tears, but also laughter and lots of “I know EXACTLY what you mean…”. SO needed!! Thank you for facilitating this step on our journeys to healing. The speakers were sensitive and informative. Keep up the great work, ladies!      – Diane, Washington


I came in thinking I was going to use this information to help other women I work with but I ended up with several ‘aha moments’ that helped equip me to dig deeper into my own recovery.


A safe place that is FREE of judgement and shame. Comparison is the thief of joy; everyone’s journey is unique to them.


Walking into the conference, I looked around and realized I was not alone in my pain. Then I walked up to a nearby table and was greeted with kindness and a smile, then asked, “How are you doing?” It surprised me and cheered my heart.


This was my first time attending the Restoring Hearts Conference and, honestly, I was scared to go. What if I saw someone I knew? I convinced a friend to go with me so I wouldn’t feel alone. I was amazed by the strength of the other women around me even through the most broken circumstances. I left the conference with a lot of nuggets to chew on as well as hope for my broken heart.


I felt cared for above and beyond my expectations.  Karen’s loving & compassionate opening comments, the luscious lunch, and the soul-stirring and healing worship music. Such a balm to my wounded heart.


These conferences always have a welcoming, graceful environment.


I left the conference with a smile on my face, feeling validated and loved.


This was my first time attending the Restoring Hearts Conference. While I wouldn’t wish the cause of the conference upon any women, I’m so thankful that there are women who are able to tell about the hope they’ve experienced through their healing of sexual betrayal. I am only 6 months into my healing journey, and it’s been very rough. I heard about the conference through two friends, but I was scared to go alone…so I brought a friend with me. I’m so glad I went. I’m thankful for the worship, the main speaker and the breakout sessions. I know that Shelley started the day saying that it was a “no shame” zone, but you could tell by the countenance on their faces that for some women (like me) the sexual betrayal was recent and felt raw…and for other women, they seemed to be years into the healing process and were even excited to be at the event again. I am so thankful for this conference.


I’m speechless on all the value I got from Restoring Hearts. I sat in on Eric’s session and, as a mom with younger kids, this is a huge concern with me. He was fantastic. I also went to Allison’s boundaries group. I am in the early process and this has been a struggle with me. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this conference.


From the moment I walked through the door, I felt loved. The classes were amazing. Each session provided a variety of topics. It was great to be able to meet different CSAT counselors in the area. The main speaker was inspiring. I loved the music as well. The food was yummy and it was very nice to have the option to buy books.


Karen, when you said you prayed for each of us by name that touched a deep chord in me and I got tears. What a precious gift! I can’t remember everyone else’s name, but I felt so cared for today through the welcoming people, the morning refreshments, the luscious lunch and the heart-filling worship music. I also appreciate the ministries and vendors represented and the opportunity to make meaningful connections. This was an overall amazing experience. I feel so blessed to have been able to attend.